I took to writing essays at Wolverton Technical school after my English teacher gave me an unprecidented four merit marks in recognition of a singular piece of artistic prose that surprised both of us. Before that, he mostly used to hand me demerits and throw the blackboard eraser at my head to get my attention. Later at Technical college I got top marks in English when what I really wanted was to be was a mechanical engineer.

Dad helped me get a student apprenticeship at Cranfield College of Aeronautics and in their wisdom, because I answered some electrical questions off pat, they decided I must study electronics. The die was set and my love of writing found an outlet generating half decent reports for my technical subjects so when I became gainfully employed in Electronic Design I found it easy to write operating manuals and such like to back-up my technical/management work for 31 years with Texas Instruments.

I also turned to these writing habits to express my thoughts about hobbies and pastimes submitting the odd essay to house newspapers, club magazines and the occasional periodical. Upon retirement in 1992 I purchased a PC to help maintain my computer literacy and so never stopped churning out the written word.

Free from the shackles of industry I indulged myself with word-play and turns of phrase that seemed amusing to me and having finally sussed out blogs and websites, from 2006, I began to rewrite much of the old material and generate a bunch of new stuff to create the autobiographical reflections found here. For the latter half of 2006 these essays were assigned to two Web Logs (aka Blogs) using the PDF format.

Model Airplane Blog is for the Vintage Model Airplane stories covering my experiences on and (more often) off the the flying field and about models which I have built and flown. All the the essays and loads of newer stuff, mostly in PDF format, are available here:

Rover SD1 Blog is about my Rover SD1 and includes all the technical and maintenance material prepared for the Rover Owners Club members, sharing my own experiences through the club magazine and website and those articles are now available from here:

So my new journey into web publishing has just begun and hopefully, with the freedom afforded by the internet, as this personal view of my hobbies reaches a wider audience I trust you find it interesting and informative. More About Me here: or back:

Yet the big question remains : What or Who is THE CRAZY RUBBER BAND?

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