The Medical Story - Continued - EVAR to AAA

Fourteen Days in the Life of a Vintage Model Aeronaut and SD1 Nutcase

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EVAR = EndoVascular Aneurysm Repair

On the Left - AAA -- Click image to enlarge -- On the Right - EVAR

Virtually without symptoms an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm i(AAA) is the ballooning of the main artery wall. It may cause some discomfort but far greater concern is the risk of rupture, which causes severe pain; massive internal hemorrhage and, without prompt treatment, death occurs rapidly.

EndoVascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) involves inserting a graft within the aneurysm through small groin incisions using X-rays to guide the graft into place.

What follows here, is merely an introduction to Fourteen Days in the Life of a Vintage Model Aeronaut and SD1 Nutcase. To read the whole gory and dramatic story jump to the PDF link.

The bionic back story to this latest medical episode is as follows. In winter 1992 I was the grateful recipient of rebuilt pain-relieving thumb joints in both hands. During 2004 I got a pair of new eyes in the form of twin cataract replacement surgery. In early 2009 I underwent two knee replacement operations and in December 2010, the medicos in cardiology fitted a very sophisticated pacemaker when my pulse rate dropped to 40 bpm.

During approximately the same twenty year period, I have been variously diagnosed with the following medical conditions. Angina, Hypothyroidism, Celiac Disease, Pernicious Anaemia, Gout, Fatigue, Depression, Claudication and Peripheral Neuropathy all in addition to a second-half lifetime of Arthritis in most of the usual places.

By any measure of human well-being, then, a dodgy story of triumph in the face of challenging medical conditions and to put the tin-hat on all of the above, a vascular surgeon has been monitoring an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) growing inexorably from sub-4 cm, 5 years ago, to reach 6 cm diameter in the spring of 2011.

5.5 cm is the critical dimension when alarm bells convert to klaxons

The solution to the above issue was EndoVascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR). What follows is the extraordinary account of Fourteen Days in the Life of a Vintage Model Aeronaut and SD1 Nutcase

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