The Medical Story - Continued - Massive PR Bleed

Five More Days in the Life of a Vintage Model Aeronaut and SD1 Nutcase

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Readers of my previous medical tours should decide soonest if they still have the stomach to proceed with this new blood-spattered tale, yet before one elucidates, the prologue!.

For over twenty years I have been variously diagnosed with these enduring medical conditions. Angina, Hypothyroidism, Celiac Disease, Pernicious Anemia, Gout, Leg Cramps, Fatigue, Depression, Claudication and Peripheral Neuropathy all in addition to a second-half lifetime of Arthritis in most usual places.

Previous procedures include two new thumbs - 1992, two new eyes - 2003/4, two new knees - 2009, pacemaker – 2010 and the AAA – 2011. A veritable bionic being but still banjaxed!

Now, imagine if you will, a new situation requiring the transfusion of ten generously donated units of blood in five days, just one year after undergoing major surgery to repair an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm when as far as I know, no blood was transfused during that May 2011 procedure.

Gosh! One might conclude there must have been a major medical cause for one heck of a lot of lost blood – either way – an emergency of severe proportions.

The bloody situation, a massive PR Bleed, that led to the above circumstance was not a pretty sight and I repeat, readers might wish to consider if they have the nausious stamina to read and/or download a 10 page PDF of this new gory and dramatic story - click here: (90kb)

An extraordinary new tale, five more days in the life of a Vintage Model Aeronaut and SD1 Nutcase

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