* Ramon, I cannot let this opportunity pass without sending you my best wishes for Christmas and thanks for your thoroughly entertaining writings, they are in a class by themselves, and pass any test of repeated readings. I have just re-read your Little Rissington adventures, felt at the centre of the action you describe so well. I do look forward to another year of scintillating prose and energetic adventures in the pursuit of  these objects of our veneration, having been not only amused but also  instructed in a very serious way on so many interesting points. With best regards, Sergio Montes. 24 Dec 06

* Hi Ramon, many thanks for the website, which I've now put into my 'favourites' folder. I've only managed a superficial look, but it looks most impressive and full of good things. 'I take it slowly and work my way through - looks like you've done an immense amount of work, for which many thanks. Thanks again, Dave Dent. 23 Feb 07

* Ramon, your website looks very good I'll keep having a look as you add more and more. Colin Halls. 25 Feb 07

* Hi Ramon: I enjoyed reading about your experiences with early Wakefields. I am a power flyer but every now and again I get the inclination to build a rubber model. I guess I will cross Frank Zaic's New Yorker off my list. It's a great web site. Regards, Simon Blake. 27 Feb 07

* What a fabulous site Ramon - congratulations! Best Regards,Clive Carpenter. 5 Mar 07

* Hello Ramon, Thanks very much indeed for your excellent new website!  Splendid stuff and a rattling good read!!  And lots of good, sage, info from which the likes of myself can learn. (I recall in Andrew's 'Rubber Column' that he referred to the 8oz 'powerplant' as being 'terrifying' in its latent power wound and injure...! You seem to have captured again the very same sense of awesome horror!!). As a musical instrument maker, I am well used to the blandishments of Jelutong as a very fine timber for making lute moulds and I concur entirely with your description of its characteristics.  It seems to me to have so many of the perfect qualities for a light-weight, fine grained, stable, strong yet very easily worked and very fine-finishing timber that one could possibly look for. I'm now greatly inspired by your good self to create a Senator with Jelutong prop! Excellent stuff! Kind regards, Tim Davies. 13 Mar 07

* Ramon, Thanks for the fine article on the meniscus method of silk doping. I am rapidly approaching my first silk covering job in 35 years, and I appreciate the instruction. Using PVA adhesive to attach the silk is a new idea to me. Dick Hatch. 16 Mar 07

* Ramon, you have peaked my interest in the Northern Arrow, do you have any idea where I could obtain the plans? Bev Bethea. 26 Mar 07

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