* Ray, Your website looks excellent. I will certainly add it to the NEW Clarion list and give it a mention in the next editorial. Would you have any objection to me using some of your material in the newsletter? Regards, Vic Wilson. 28 Mar 07

* Excellent and fun website Ramon, Buying my next Vitesse soon having waited over 20 years since my last ones were company cars...with best regards, Andrew Clark. 29 Mar 07

* Hi Ramon, I've had a look through your stuff; I can't find a link to the Efi workbook. Is that still available? If it's as good as your other articles, it sounds like the ticket! Ian Thomas. 30 Mar 07

* I like your vintage model airplane site. Who is Fatfingers? Ron Firth. 3 Apr 07

* Ramon, My name is John Pate and I reside in Sugar Land, Texas.  I really have enjoyed your web site and I am interested in finding plans for the Voodoo.  I did a google search for them, and could not come up with anything.  Do you know where I can acquire these plans?  I have built a few Senators, a Ajax, Achilles and A few Veron planes from plans.  I enjoy the vintage planes from the UK. Best wishes, John. 9 Apr 07

* Ramon, First and foremost, many thanks for highlighting the Yearbook write-ups on early SAM newsletters. Most interesting. Pete Tolhurst 12 Apr 07

* Ramon, Your website is excellent and I'll include details in next SandT, if that's OK with you. I'll also include your notes on printing in booklet form. Regards, James Parry. 10 May 07

* Also would like to tell you I enjoy your Web site completely. Jerry Litschi, 13 May 07

* Ramon, my friend (if I may) you are a breath of fresh air, and your site is awesome. Please keep sharing your wisdom with us. Graiskye. 10 May 07

* Thanks for the site as well. I have read a lot of the documents on your site getting my motor to work. I had a lot of unknowns and mismatched parts. Cheers, Adi, 21 May 07

* What a great document - Thanks Ramon. I had visited that site for some other useful diagnostic stuff, but missed this one. Cheers, Coastguard, 25 May 07.

* Ramon, again thanks for the help. You have a fantastic web site with lots of information. You can be assured I will be sharing your web site with other SD1 owners in Australia. Very best regards, Ian Kendrick, 28 May 07

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