* G, none of these are dumb questions, they are questions every one of us has struggled with at one time. Read everything you can find on Ramon's site it is good solid info with lots of experience and history behind all of it. Graiskye, 12 June 07.

* While reading a link on Ramon's excellent site I again saw a reference to a tube-in-a-tube freewheel prop assembly. Does anyone have detailed picture/sketch and description of this device? George, 21 June 07

* Ramon, although I have been a rubber free flight (indoors and out) modeller for years, have only recently found your site and it's a good one! Keep up the truly excellent work. Kurt in Oregon-USA, 22 June 07

* Ramon, I have just finished reading your "GPS Essay". It is very well written and fits the Etrex unit as well as your own. I fully agree on the usefulness of GPS, especially in conjunction with radio trackers. Ed Lamb in Bellevue, WA, 29 June07

* Hi Ramon, I have printed all your articles and bound them together with others found on various sites. My twin plenum continues to be improved as a result. Keep it up. Graeme in New Zealand, 2 July 07

* Ramon, Thanks for posting the link. Very interesting bit of information you've compiled. I hope you expand into other areas as well and may be a great source for the budding modeller. Dpcmodels, Nashville, 8 July 07

* Thanks Ramon for putting up that piece on GPS. Along with Mike Fantham's paper in the 2003 FF Forum, it's very useful. Robin Beckford, 29 July 07

* Ramon, the site is just great, lots of great info! Frank, 31 July 07

* Ramon, Thank you for the stuff on your site, it's helped me out no end getting to grips with my V8, and is an interesting read. Slothie, 10 Sep 07

* Ramon is a guru when it comes to the Rover EFI. Not trying to wind you up, this is genuine praise. Richard Hurd, 15 Sep 07

* Ramon, I came across your web site a few days ago and must write to say what a delight and a pleasure it was to read the entire model content (the car bit is not my scene alas!). I have been addicted to rubber models since the age of about 9 years and am to be 70 in March, so the addiction is long and active still. Roy Carlyle, 4 Feb 09

* Ramon, I have been consulting your website regarding the fuel injection system of the Rover SD1 - what a terrific resource. Thank you for compiling and posting all of this great information. Paul Zerner - Cal, USA, 3 Feb 09

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