The Lexicography of a Vintage Rubber Powered Model Airplane Free Flight Adventurers' Autobiographical Reflections of The Crazy Rubber Band.

"Verticate" (to) (orig) - a model ascending or descending vertically, resulting in either:

"Screaming Silently Upwards" (orig) - A rubber model on full chat going this way ^^^^, or:

"Creating its own Splinter Group" (orig) - A rubber model (or other) on full chat going .. v .. towards:

"Firm Terra" (orig) - The hard bit at ground level.

"Cream-Crackered" (not orig) - mostly being knackered from too much retrieving.

The Lexicography of Vintage Rubber Powered Model Airplanes

 Rubber Winding Jig - Click to Enlarge

"Upthrust is the last resort of Scoundrels" (orig; William Beales, son of David) - applies to the sneaky changes in trim used by unscrupulous rubber modellers to improve flight performance.

"I used to be a Midget, but now I'm just short of Breath" (orig) - used to describe me.

(nb, both the above are inscribed on my rubber winding jig, click image to enlarge)

"Challenger Sleeps with the Fishes" (corrupted from The Godfather pt I - "Luca Brazzi Sleeps etc.") - used to describe the fate of my Bob Bienenstien leviathan landing in the sea beyond the beach at Exmouth (Devon, UK) and surfing all the way to Brixham. Read all about it here:

"Crazy Rubber Band" (Probably Andrew Longhurst) - but hijacked by me to describe the bizarre activities of a small group of UK vintage rubber flyers who crave immortality. Read about it here:

"-ookkee---" or "-ookkee----" (OED) - part of the only two words in the whole English language with three consecutive double letters, (surely not?) A little puzzle.

"Dedicated Readers Of Sam Speaks" (orig Sam35Speaks) - a back-fitted acronym defined by enraged Samlanders for the word (Dross) used by Ron Moulton in "Aeromodeller" to describe the contents of Sam35Speaks c.1983, who later became our esteemed and influential president.

"Lumberland" (orig) - used to describe the elevated arboreal sleeping place for models irretrievably placed beyond the reach of:

"Famous Poles" (orig Kemp) - not Lech Welensa who lowered the Iron Curtain but the poles used to "Extract Trees from Model Airplanes" (orig) once described as "Ramon Alban's Famous Poles" although I egotistically prefer to describe them as "The Famous Ramon Alban's Poles"

"Fields of a Thousand Cuts" (orig) - used to describe post-harvest arable land comprising cut stalks of beans, rape or maize. Impossible to walk through without lacerations from ankle to knee.

"Go on the Gust" (orig Maureen Alban) - a precise meteorological term to used to define and describe the exact moment to launch a rubber model into the centre of a thermal.

"Raff V Dive" (orig Mike Kemp) - originally and randomly executed by Norman Marcus's ubiquitous design, strangely only occurring during competition and irrespective of the rubber model, is now the universal term used to describe a totally unpredictable vertical spiral dive at prop fold.

"Missing the Crown Jewels" (orig) - not a heist, but the adjacent equivalent to a vasectomy caused by a fully wound rubber motor bursting at the rear peg and having a horizontal 100mph trajectory at an altitude of 3 feet (ouch!).

"Bag of Hammers" (orig Peter Michel) - used to describe the very hard arrival of a model airplane ("came down like a B.o.H") coined the day he (Michel) arrived at Chobham Common carrying a field kit containing no less than 4 club hammers. The ground shook and his excuse - "I couldn't remember if I'd got one it the bag". Jeeez!.

"Shot duck" (unknown) - used to describe the unique flight pattern (as if shedding feathers, etc) of a model whose partly unwound motor slips of the rear peg in flight and destroys the part that separates the wing and tailplane.

"There ain't no Substitoot for Altitood" (orig Sal Taibi) - nuff said.

"ROG" (abbr. Rise Off Ground) - launch process used only in competition because of the fundamental unwritten rule: "Nobody practices ROG anymore". Read all about ROG here:

"Wakefield Mass Lunch" (misprint) - seen in SAM35Speaks c.1986 used to publicise a competition where Wakefield models are launched all together with the winner being the highest model after 40 seconds. Unfortunately, a number of people only brought along their sandwiches.

So there you have it! The Crazy Rubber Band Lexicography of terms mostly unique to "Flee Fright" aeromodelling, but there must be more words or phrases that apply exclusively to our pass-time which have escaped my attention. If you can come with any, please let me know and I will add them to the collection. "I haven't had so much fun since our pet pig ate my sister"!

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