"I suppose it's "Thinkful" in a way many other aeromodelling disciplines aren't. Why do I keep poking tens and twenties at kits every so often? I just like watching them fly. I like watching my kids watch them fly - and chase after them. I think that's it." Eisenflugel, 28 July 07

"I broke the question into two. "Why does one start doing free flight?" It offered me a chance to work with my hands building something, it brought back memories of a childhood and a father, it restored a love of anything aviation but most of all it gave me something of a challenge, something to restore my self confidence when I needed it most. I have tried my hand at RC Glider, I even have one gathering dust in the closet and I'm sure most free flighters have also shared those experiences, so "What keeps a free flighter flying free?" Cost is part of it, but for my money, it's the challenge! Over and over and over, again and again, a new "fix" whenever I want it. Every time I start a new model, there's a new challenge. Every time I step onto the field and toss one, there's a challenge. Every time I have to chase one, there's a challenge to find it. Every flight is a challenge to find the good air, to get just that little bit more out of a proven flyer. I could keep "busy" building an RC model for quite some time, and the challenge is certainly there when I see some of the giant scale replicas, but it may take years, not mere days, to finally get the satisfaction of success that we can get over and over in the same time frame. I can challenge myself with more building, flying, crashing, crying, leaping, tossing, running, cursing, rebuilding, experimenting, learning, helping and pretty much anything model related in a week than most RC modellers can do in a year and not break the bank! So in an age of instant gratification, where else can I find that kind of repetitive, never ending, always changing, always challenging, fairly instant gratification? It's the never ending challenge." Doug, 29July 07

"As a Scale FF'er I think there are several factors for me: A chance to drool over pictures of the real thing before and during building the plane, something that Sport, P30, Wakefield, etc does not offer. A technical challenge to understand all the problems to tackle. The neat combination of having a model I can show in a showcase and can fly. The look on the faces of bystanders as they unbelievingly see a scale model flying on rubber bands. My satisfaction to see a beautiful model against a blue sky. The fun of free flight to just let go and enjoy the flight without anything you have to (or can) do. On the other hand, I notice the risk of becoming too obsessive about the subject, doubting how much scale detail to put on, thinking of ways to make it more accurate, searching the web for more scale documentation. I therefore choose not to compete in scale (for the moment) but just: To build them as I like and fly them as I like! " Wout, 30 July 07

"I sometimes think it's the mystery of what's going to happen when you let go of the prop and the plane is on it's own!" George, 31 July 07

"I started building stick n' tissue during WWII because it was the thing to do. TV didn't exist and the boys I hung out with all built models. Some neighbour kids would build pretty decent looking models with mother's help and install a firecracker to watch the tissue explosion. I couldn't see myself putting the time into a model to watch it destroyed on purpose. I found out about thermals while flying a folding wing A.J.Interceptor in my back yard. Hung took it away, never to be found. My uncle got me into U-Control and I eventually migrated to R/C pattern aerobatics. Tired and bored by the constant practice required to stay competitive in R/C, I came back to freeflight. I am now a little better at building stick n' tissue than the seven year old kid who could never quite get his models to compare with the mother built ones!" Duco Guru, 31 July 07

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