The story of my Rene Jossien "Le Vibrant" 1948 8oz Wakefield with Build Details and Flying Tales. I did not have a full size plan, only a single page from Vol Libre (10/89) for which I subsequently found the other three pages all in French. I had the pages translated into English sufficiently well to create my own full size working drawings from which this model was built. I later found Rene Jossien's own construction presentation of "Le Vibrant" in MRA # 692 (08/97).

Read or download a PDF of my "Le Vibrant" story from here (234kb)

Read or download "Le Vibrant" from Vol Libre here (700kb in French) and the hand written English translation notes here (346kb)

Read or download "Le Vibrant" from MRA here (776kb in French) and the typed English translation notes here (258kb)

Note: The photograph in the centre of page 2 of the Rene Jossien MRA article is this model as seen and described in my story!

English notes are straight copies as received from non-technical translator, so read the notes in relation to the original French articles.

Rene Jossien's "Le Vibrant"'48 Wakefield, Build Detail and Flying Tales with Designer's original notes in French c/w English translations

Folding U/C
Folding U/C
Stop Press

Oh Dear! Disaster strikes Le Vibrant which received an unexpected retracting U/C after swiping a van in the 3rd round of the SAM35 8oz Vintage Wakefield competition at the 2007 UK Nationals.

Click an image to see the gory details .

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