Here is a short movie of Model Flying at the International Coupe d'Hiver meeting held at Middle Wallop on 4 December 2005. (BBC South 6/12/05, copyright waived)

Various Power and Vintage classes were also flown that day as well as a general Sports Fly-in.

The weather was absolutely splendid and there were many people in attendance as can be seen in the video and particularly from the number of cars on the flight line.

This movie runs for 3 minutes and should be self-starting.

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If you have a problem viewing it, watch it on "You Tube" instead - click here Middle Wallop

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Middle Wallop - December 2005 - Movie

Winding Jig for Midgets

This image was frozen from the above movie to show my rubber winding jig. Made from wood, the dimensions of the uprights are 2.25 X 2.25 inches and the space between the uprights is 3 inches. The 3 holes take a 14 swg rod and the jig easily takes any size model up to Vintage Wakefield and 300 sq in Open Vintage.

Now watch the movie or surf thro' the downloads on this site to see many images of it in use.

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