For enlightenment how Jacques Morisset's "New Look I" came into being, the original design thoughts of it's creator and other informed interpretations from the period, I have reproduced the following French/English translations of various articles written by Jacques Morisset himself and by Emmanuel Fillon. Also an article from the 1950 "Aeromodeller Annual" and my Prop Blank.

Jacques Morisset’s “New Look I” - Vintage Wakefield - by Jacques Morisset from “Le Modele Reduit d’Avion” #134 May ’50. Translation by J.M.Piednoir here (PDF - 61kb)

Jacques Morisset’s “New Look I” - A Competition Model to the Wakefield Formula - by Jacques Morisset from “Le Modele Reduit d’Avion” #135 Apr ’50. Translation by J.M.Piednoir here (PDF - 85kb)

Jacques Morisset’s “New Look I” - A Model Plane with a Rubber Motor by Emmanuel Fillon from “Le Modele Reduit d’Avion” # 222, Translation by Anon here (PDF - 79kb)

"New Look I" - Leading French Wakefield Design by Jacques Morisset from 1950 Aeromodeller Annual here (PDF - 102kb)

Jacques Morisset’s “New Look I” – Propeller Blank – To Carve or Laminate? - Ramon Alban here (PDF - 39kb)

Jacques Morisset’s “New Look I” – Full Size Plan - Three A4 pages. Print from Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. Set to 100% and Set printer to "Actual Size", Then cut and glue pages to make full size plan. Check printed scaling against wing chord of 5". here (PDF - 497kb)

“New Look I” 1950 8 oz Vintage Wakefield by Jacques Morisset - Page 2

Click the Bare Bones "New Look I" to read my original story.

New Feature French/English translations of period M.R.A. articles written by J. Morisset and E. Fillon, the '50 Aeromodeller Annual article, Full Size Plans and my own Propeller options.

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