The story of how “Northern Arrow”, designed and forgotten in 1936, was commercially resurrected with dimensional errors yet survives today to qualify for Sam35 Vintage Wakefield competitions depite its undersize wing. Read or download the story in PDF format from here (36kb)

I.W.Hall's "Northern Arrow" 1936 4 oz Vintage Wakefield

Tony and Jim's Northern Arrow in the USA
Tony and Jim's Northern Arrow - Good to Go

Hi Ramon, here are a couple of pics of the Northern Arrow that Tony Piazza (him holding the model) and I collaborated on. Please let Terry Rose know that another one exists in the USA. We haven't finished trimming to full torque but the model looks very promising. Thanks for your help.Jim Bethea

Another Northern Arrow has been built in the Colonies

And below, a scanned image of 2 great UK Northern Arrow artisans circa early '90s at RAF Barkston. The late, great Fred Chapman and very much alive, Terry Rose, plan purveyor extraordinaire. Click images to enlarge

"Northern Arrow" - Original Propeller Design - Something Quite Dodgy

The original propeller design for Mr Hall's Northern Arrow 4oz Vintage Wakefield leaves very little to the imagination but might prove beyond the ability of today's vintage modellers. See why here:

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