In the UK, Rise Off Ground comes with the territory of modern-era Vintage Wakefield. An early adage, “Nobody practices ROG anymore!” has been overtaken by the fact that we simply get our practice at the competitions. I do have a confession however, in 1993, using the "New Look" Vintage Wakefield seen in the photograph, I did once practice ROG at RAF Henlow with my "New Look", but luckily there were no witnesses to this clear breach of etiquette.

Follow the link for a trawl through my observations of ROG in the UK, since 1982.

Read or download the story in PDF format from here (189kb)

Rise Off Ground

Bamboo Chopstick U/C Legs

Pair of plug-in U/C legs made from bamboo chopstick split down its length to desired thickness. Wire springs and axles are whipped to the leg with white crochet cotton and cyanoed for long lasting bond. Wheels retained by a small length of CA'd insulation from electrical wire.

Click on the image to see full effect.

Ramon Alban


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