I have built four Senators since the early 1980’s. The first three were lost in competition but not all to fly-aways. The last one nearly drowned in the River Isis at Oxford before being rescued by a canoeist and immediately stolen from the riverbank by a passer-by. Even with a radio tracker on board I could not trace the model, although rumor has it, that it finished up in an Oxford Pub and resides there still.

Today’s “Senator” has a flying performance that probably exceeds by a considerable margin, that perceived or achieved by the designer, Albert Hatfull, and his contemporary flyers.

Here is my personal reflection on this great model airplane yet it hardly scratches the surface of its universal appeal. It’s easy to build, easy to trim and easy to fly, with no serious vices, apart from absenteeism. It will hold its own at any competitive level, and in the hands of expert contest flyers it is a truly awesome performer.

Read or download the story in PDF from here (292kb).

Read or download a copy of Mike Kemp's April '87 Sam35Speaks article and Dave Hipperson's propeller blank from February '87 Aeromodeller in PDF format from here (618kb).

"Senator" 1950 Vintage Duration Model by Albert Hatfull

Senator Tube-within-a-Tube Prop Hub

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