A Streamlined Wakefield Model published in Newnes Practical Mechanics in April 1939.

47" Span, swept back wing, freewheeling 18" dia prop and (I kid you not) a 1/5 oz movable trimming weight .

UNFORTUNATELY I do not have a drawing of the fuselage formers so it would be a real bonus if someone can come up with the missing page(s) or it will probably remain unbuildable.

But who was the designer? No clues are given on the plan or the instructions.

And no! It's not an April Fool joke. See the scanned copies on PDF here (400kb) Sorry ! BIG file.

I do have a higher definition copy of the instruction page but its bigger still. Contact me if you must have it. However the Plan page has excellent definition - just zoom in with Adobe Acrobat.

A Streamlined Wakefield Model - Circa 1938/39

A streamlined Wakefield of unknown origin

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