I built Rene Jossien's 1952 "Toto" Classic Wakefield during 1999 in response to a newly introduced class for models from the period 1951-60. (Sorry SAM, but we are embracing "Classic" these days aren't we?)

Here is an updated account of my "Toto" demonstrating the simplicity of design that incorporates some really innovative yet subtle features.

Just one look at this stunning model and it is obvious that the designer had performance in mind.

I'm sure he was not disappointed as I have discovered over 50 years later.

Read or download the story in PDF format from here (124kb)

Rene Jossien's "Toto" Classic Wakefield 1952

CLICK on my "TOTO" to READ the STORY
"Toto" Retracting U/C Leg

Detail of folding undercarriage leg fashioned from a bamboo chopstick split down it's length to desired thickness, grafted to the retracting mechanism con-sisting of grooved pully on a brass shaft and a length of thin rubber band attached to fold the leg following an ROG take-off.

Click to enlarge.

Recently added PDF of "Toto" components. Simply print all 18 pages onto A4 paper, with no scaling, then cut and paste the parts together for a full size plan of each component

PDF of "Toto" components here: (560kb). For full size plan of each part print all 18 pages on A4 paper with no scaling then simply align/join the pages with clear drafting tape. Viva La "Toto".

No French/English translations, but "Toto" is so simple, it is hardly necessary. Contact me for help.

Ramon Alban


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