To access either of the high definition Main Circuit Diagram for Rover SD1 Efi Cars from '85 On.

Read or download the single page Circuit Diagram only, in PDF format from here: (193kb)

Read or download the whole three page Main Circuit Document in PDF format from here: (205kb)

The back story behind this latest presentaion was my extreme frustration with circuit diagram print quality in the Rover Workshop Manual which led me to scanning the best single page image I could find, cleaning up all the features including connections, legends, wiring colour code, etc, using Adobe PS Elements and the simplest of all my computer tools, MS Paint.

Haynes Manual did have a clearer image but was split across two pages and had some errors. The end result was a very clean circuit diagram with its accompanying component list and, not found elsewhere, all the pick-up point connection codes presented in a single document.

Page 1. Component Identification Numbers, Component Descriptions and Grid References.

Page 2. Pick-Up Point Connection Codes and Wiring Colour Code Key.

Page 3. High Quality Main Circuit Diagram Image.

It was first published in 2004 and appeared in my first blog-type web pages. Not-with-standing the fact that the new diagram was easier to read one still needed a good memory for grid location or suffer the inconvenience of continually checking the circuit against the component list .

This led me to a desire to add legends for each component on the main diagram and to present it in a way to maintain the integrity of the original presentation without too much descriptive clutter.

I'm biased, so whether that has been achieved is a matter for readers to judge, hopefully agreeing it strikes a reasonable balance between a need for clarity whilst maximising available information.

Why not let me know what you think, but more important, please notify me of any errors and/or omissions; but when doing so, bear in mind it does not feature any of the supplimentary circuits such as Trip Computer, Sunroof, etc as those diagrams are quite clear in the Workshop Manual.

For future reference, all the associated supplementary diagrams are now work in progress using similar labelling, so depending upon your point of view, something to look forward to, hereabouts.

Finally, because the main and supplementary circuits for other Series II cars are very similar, it might also help those owners who find their diagrams lack clarity or quality. For your personal convenience why not take a good quality print copy and laminate it for workshop use.

For hard copy, depending upon the printer used, the PDF's will generate a good quality print and, if required, using Adobe Reader or MS Internet Explorer, the image can be rotated or enlarged to a significant level of clarity. It is also be possible to print an enlarged image given suitable software.

New Version Image of Efi Circuit here: (100kb)

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Main Circuit Diagram - Rover SD1 Efi Cars - 1985 Onwards

Click Here to Read or Download the Main PDF Document

Click on the Image to reveal anothe small section from the Main Diagram

Here is a major improvement to the Rover SD1 Efi Main Circuit Diagram. For the first time ever, the complete main circuit diagram with every single component on the drawing, identified in text.

No need to cross-check the component number to a separate list, the description is right there on the diagram and to prevent confusion with drawn lines, the components are labelled in red text.

Below is a famliar small section of the whole circuit in actual pixel size and, as seen, it has very good definition. Click on the image to view another readily recognisable section from elsewhere on the diagram, being a detail from the gauges and their various sensors.

To reveal the whole thing, there is a choice of PDF's to download, view or print. One is simply the circuit itself and the other, like the original package, showing a full list of components, identity numbers and grid location, plus a list of all supplementary pick-up points and cable colours.

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