I have prepared this article on exhaust systems as they relate to the Rover SD1 3500cc V8 engine.

Before making any decision on the type of exhaust to fit, try to understand the science in simple terms, the general principles of exhausts and why they are designed the way we have to buy them.

In addition what changes can be made and how will they affect the performance of the engine. Finally, in practical terms, what modifications might we make when seeking improvements.

This document attempts to provide the insight needed to understand all the above issues. Read or download the article in PDF format from here (47kb)

Rover SD1 V8 Exhaust Systems

Click Here to Read or Download the PDF Article

Rover SD1 DIY Exhaust Baffle

Reducing Exhaust Noise on Stainless Steel Exhaust

Here is my DIY exhaust baffle for Rover V8 S/S Exhaust made from 2 3" steel washers welded to 6" of 2" dia steel tube with 10mm fixing nut welded to one end to fix in tailpipe. Saw/Grind cut-outs to tune system for minimum resonance and optimum gas flow.

Works great! Hi-quality image from UnoHoo!



A commercial exhaust baffle that can be inserted into any pipe of the system for noise reduction. Not so cheap and probably more difficult to tune than a cheap DIY version.

What about the Smell

Straight tailpipe S/S exhausts cause toxic smells to enter the cabin via the tailgate vents because the aerodynamics traps toxic fumes in the high pressure vortices behind the car . To fix, fit swan neck pipe.

Cast Iron Manifold vs Tubular Headers

In the Parallel Universe of the Rover SD1 Club Forum a member asked - "It's said the standard EFI cast manifolds are a pretty good design. Would be interested to know if the tubular ones are any better on a standard engine?" That question has been reviewed in depth - here:

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A Major Review of Rover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition System

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Vitesse S/S Exhaust


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