Now its June '93 and I had been looking for a Twin Plenum Vitesse for the best part of a year. My son Carl had persuaded me that his love of Rover V8's could be safely inherited by his Dad. Then it happened! A call from my brother-in-law told me he had seen the perfect example locally and I had best get myself to the other side of town sharpish because it looked too good to be true.

And so it began, a new romance with a most unlikely new partner, Rover SD1 Vitesse D330 ENH, and as seen from the image, the Model Making, the Car, my incredibly tolerant Wife and Me, started our new 4 way partnership. Now its 2007, fourteen years later and we are all still together, if not a little ragged from all the Crazy experiences detailed elsewhere in this autobiography.

This specially updated sequence recounts my trials and tribulations, as a technical novice, recorded in 5 essays that I penned for the Rover SD1 Club Magazine from July '93 thro' July '94.

Tales of Caution Number 1 - 3Q’93 - Read or Download in PDF format from here

Tales of Caution Number 2 - 4Q’93 - Read or Download in PDF format from here

Tales of Caution Number 3 - 1Q’94 - Read or Download in PDF format from here

Tales of Caution Number 4 - 2Q’94 - Read or Download in PDF format from here

Four weeks in the life of D330 ENH - Read or Download in PDF format from here

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Rover SD1 Twin Plenum Vitesse - My 1st Year of Ownership

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Rover SD1& Bienenstein Challenger & Mo & Me

Having chosen early retirement in Mar '92 as opposed to extending my 31 years of service working for Texas Instruments in order to avoid inevitable stagnation in a young mans' semiconductor manufacturing industry and at the tender age of 52, I needed a second serious hobby. It would have to demand dexterity, mental agility, a sense of adventure and a tendency towards insanity to compliment my all consuming passion of Vintage Free flight Rubber Powered Model Airplanes.

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