Rover SD1 - V8 Electronic Ignition - Description and Analysis

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Rover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition - Amplifier Module

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Fear not the mighty dread, trying to fathom out the Rover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition System. Study the PDF until it makes sense. Deal with the descriptions and analysis like the proverbial eating of the elephant. Small pieces, chew well! Download PDF from here: (312kb) Enjoy! Please advise of errors and omissions.

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This article is wholly about the Description and Analysis of the Rover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition. A sister article takes the reader deeper into the system dealing with everything one needs to know about all the individual components, how they interact, fail, routine maintenance and a full testing program. Click here: to see the Rover SD1 Ignition System - Components and Testing article.

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Rover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition - Distributor
Rover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition - Circuit Diagram

A holy trinity of Rover, Lucas, Bosch created the Rover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition System but few pilgrims know it well. A saintly minority have it taped, including auto-bods who never tell anybody anything in fear of their secrets being usurped and a handful of enthusiasts who, even when trying to be helpful, display an incomplete gift of clarity to impart the joyous message to the congregation! Some of us only think we understand the gospel and as a result, can further misinform those who don’t. Consequently, many Rover SD1 V8 owners have very patchy knowledge of how their electronic ignition really works. Me included! So I resolved to discover how, and impart my findings, available here for the first time .

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