They told me to Guard the Rhubarb! Hey Up! Is that Someone at the Door?

Wanna Play with My Duck? I Should CoCo! Hot Day, Black Fur Coat, Am I Bothered?

Never unfaithful, always protective, scary to surprise visitors, yet only licked them to death!

When both at home, in her self appointed role of guardian, Shadow would take up a position to keep an eye on two locations but if separated she checked us both out in a timely manner.

When Mo went off in her car, Shadow hogged the front door in welcoming anticipation. If out front, she would settle down for hours until Mo was just a couple of streets away , when the unique sound (?) of a Honda Civic awakened enough senses to cock an ear in expectation.

With the grandchildren she was, in equal parts, patient and protective and for the latest family addition, great grand kid Joshua, Shadow assumed the role of toy carrier in chief, even (reluctantly ] offering up her own furries or squeakies up for mutual playtime.

Part of our life has gone and we are bereft. It's plain daft, we know that, but this was unexpected and, not to belittle the tragic loss of human loved ones, has hit us very hard.

Shadow, Our Best Mate Died!

Saturday 12 September 2009, Shadow, our very special Black German Shepherd died.

For ten years she was our best mate. Maureen and I were devastated. From day one she dogged her footsteps everywhere, half a pace behind, an inseparable shadow.

With me cycling, she trotted off the front wheel, always setting the pace, slower of late and less far, but always on a mission to a favourite water course or furries habitat. If a German Shepherd could have climbed trees we would have no need for squirrel culls here-abouts.

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We have a pretty large extended family and they all loved Shadow for what she was, a really smashing pal, so I asked everyone to pen a few words about her, to add to our own tribute.

The next pages contain their collective thoughts about everybody's friendly dog. Even the neighbours are saddened by her death and their contributions are here too - soon.

Ramon Alban


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