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I first met Peter at Biggleswade Common during the late '70's, then flying his "Isis" Vintage Wakefield depicted in the sketch. At one of those early meetings he offered to collect cash to fund Dave Bakers "Hanger One" magazine. Big mistake, because at the '80 inaugural AGM of SAM35 he was elected, in his absence, to the post of Treasurer. As founder Chairman it fell to me tell him the "good news". After four abortive days trying to get in touch, I got him on the phone. "What on earth", he wanted to know, "was all this money coming through his letter box?" There was 100's of quid about which knew nothing.

I belatedly explained the events of the preceding AGM. "No way" says Peter, shooting me in the foot leaving me without a leg to stand on. Suffice to say, I managed to persuade him to take the job on, and so commenced one of the great partnerships between SAM35 and one of its members.

I don’t believe he ever truly regretted offering to “give it a try” because that period brought him into contact with more good friends than any person has a right to expect, but the downside, he would tell me, was that most

Flying Faces No 6 Peter Michel

renewal subscriptions brought with them a request for information, always needing a reply. Also, I do believe his postie, apart from harbouring dark thoughts about what sort of "model club" he was into, complained bitterly about having to deliver the mail in sacks when SAM35 subs were due

During and after his 3 year term as Treasurer, when the Society grew to 690 members, he used his prodigeous literary ability to pen essays and articles for both UK SAM magazines over a 27 year period and apart from being a tremendously talented Vintage Rubber flyer he also co-edited or edited all 14 SAM35 Year Books. I believe his contributions are unparalleled in the history of our UK SAM chapters.

I also witnessed two memorable feats by this modelling genius. First, he won an RC Assist comp, hands down, at an early UK Nationals flying a very light "Brigadier" weighing less than a Vintage Wakefield. Second, he made, unintentionally, the funniest CL flight I ever saw when, because of dizziness, it looked for all the world that he was doing more pirouettes than the model. Tears still roll down peoples faces whenever the story is recalled. What a brilliant Samlander he is?

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