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Like many contemporaries Vic Dubery took a 25 yr absence from model flying returning in '81, yet he was a prodigeous Wakefield flyer and competitor both pre and post war, flying proxy in the finals of the '49 Wakefield Cup then again in '54 in his own right using his "Wild Goose". He was also an influential club organiser which put him in good stead to relieve me as Sam35 Chairman in '82.

On the field during his later period he is best remembered for his sterling effort flying in Open Vintage at the '82 Nationals before many other Sam flyers has taken the plunge with this class. Vic sported his '36 "Judge" against other more formidable Open Vintage ships and made it to the fly-off chalking up three very impressive 2 1/2 minute maxes.

In prep for the fly-off Vic was watched in reverent silence by a very large band of Samlanders. As he neared the climax of piling on well over 1000 turns he was rudely interrupted by no less than the Aeromodeller Editor, who stuck a microphone under his nose and enquired, for all to hear, "and how many turns have you put on so far Vic?" It was one of those "jaw dropping" moments.

Flying Faces No 7 Vic Dubery

Vic was not the most communicative of people when deep in concentration, but a telling expletive dismissed this untimely intrusion, carrying on to put in a fantastic climb-out with his Vintage Wakefield that drew the loudest applause of the day. He didn't win the competition but with this single flight he inspired many other Samlanders to enter National Open Vintage competitions and these same people have been giving the "professionals" a run for their money ever since.

It is a fantastic achievement when a moment of inspiration such as described above is witnessed, garnered and perpetuated by a person's dedicated fans for many years to follow that singular moment in time. Vic had that abilty because of his meticulous and dedicated approach to our hobby and it did not just begin and end on the flying field. During his tenure as Sam35 Chairman, he introduced the first formal constitution for our Society and this document endures to the present day being modified only when changes become necessary and inevitable. Vic was a distinguished flyer and Sam35 member and his contributions remain in our memory long after he succombed to the emergency heart bypass surgery that sadly ended his life.

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