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Geoff Clarke came to Sam35 prominence as the editor of our Sam35Speaks magazine from about '85 onwards. Prior to that he was the editor of the Aeromodeller magazine.

He spent some formative years as an employee of a famous London model shop which was also reflected in his individual contributions to Speaks under his nom de plume "Over the Counter".

He was equally energetic on the flying field and lit a candle for the Pinocchio Biplane and Rene Jossiens low wing Vintage Coupe d'Hiver, as referenced by the French clues in his picture. He was also very keen on mixing his flying and editorial activities wherever he went usually dressed in a stripey tee-shirt and dapper white slacks.

As depicted in the artwork he always had a pencil perched behind his ear and a notebook in his pocket as testomony to his reporting instincts. Actually these instincts got the better of him one day which can be referenced by accessing the Vic Dubery story in this series of articles.

Flying Faces No 9 Geoff Clarke

It was not always plain sailing with Geoff at our editorial helm and from time to time the magazine publication became unreliable due to a clutch of personal problems that bedevilled him.

In many ways, this highlights the fact that all of our elected officers are volunteers to the cause and as such are occasionally subject to the vageries of living in the real universe as opposed to the seemingly comfortable and untroubled world of our gentle hobby. If any lessons are to be learned then it is key that the executive stay abreast of potential traps by sharing the likelyhood of developing problems rather than trying plough a lone furrow in detriment to the overall interest of the society and its members.

Geoff eventually departed from our model flying and editorial scene but along the way he made significant inputs to our society as a long term column contributor and of course a creative editor of our magazine for several years.

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