As for this reprobate, probably the safest thing to do is to consign him and all his insane self delusional jottings to the recycle bin and move swiftly on to less boring pastimes.

On the other hand if any of this Crazy Rubberband or Rover SD1 Stuff is useful to you, or appeals to your sense of adventure, then bookmark my home page and visit it from time to time, to see if any new material has been uploaded.

Perhaps there is a subject you would like covered? If so please tell me and, if I can, I will do the research and upload some stuff.

I can also be found infesting several discussion groups or forums which cater for the worldwide communities of both my hobbies and are a vast source of information and stimulation regarding our mutual hobbies. Why not surf into them for an idea of what they are about and see if they are worth joining.

Here are links to the forums covering a very wide range of matters related to the world of Vintage and Non-Vintage Free Flight and all aspects of the Rover SD1 and V8 engines.

Flying Faces No 13 Ray Alban

otflyersforum - Also known as SAMTalk - Worldwide Forum for Old Time Free Flight Model Aircraft

ffRCgroups - Worldwide Free Flight Discussion Group within the RC Groups Forum

freeflightml - Worldwide Mailing List where all manner of Free Flight Model Aircraft are discussed

roversd1 - Worldwide forum for all aspects of the Rover SD1 (based in The Netherlands)

sd1online - Worldwide forum for all aspects of the Rover SD1 (based in Australia)

Rover SD1 Forum - Worldwide forum for all aspects of the Rover SD1 (based in the UK)

V8 Owners Forum - Worldwide forum for all aspects of V8 Powered Cars (based in the UK)

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