Rover SD1 3500cc Twin Plenum Vitesse - Classic Cars Photoshoot

Rover Photoshoot - Image No 1 Rover Photoshoot - Image No 2

Click any image for enlargements of 'Lyndon'

at work on the "Classic Cars" Rover Feature

Rover Photoshoot - Image No 3 Rover Photoshoot - Image No 4

The Rover SD1 Club Events organiser called to offer me the opportunity to take my car to a photo-shoot planned by “Classic Cars” Magazine to mark the demise of Rover as the last British mass production car maker. I had one weeks' notice. “Classic Cars” wanted to feature four of the landmark Rovers from the post war era. Their shopping list was the Matron Aunt 1950’s P4 75 Cyclops, a Legendary 1960’s P5B Coupe, a Sporty 1970’s 2000 P6 and (of course) the Iconic 1980’s SD1 Vitesse, preferably a Twin Plenum in Targa Red.

My Car fitted the bill perfectly and during this session of the photoshoot I snapped these images of the "Classic Cars" staff photographer 'Lyndon' at work on my Rover SD1 3500cc Twin Plenum Vitesse. He had a pretty fixed routine taking an identical set of photographs of the interior and exterior of each of the subject cars. Contrary to what I expected he did not use digital camera but did all his work with film. Read the full story of that day here

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