Rover SD1 Forum Snippet #4 - Fit Vitesse Rear Spoiler

It should now be possible to hold the spoiler in position above the holes to eyeball their accuracy. If OK, drill through using increasing size of drill bit until the holes are slightly larger than required.

With sound knowledge of how to drill thro' thin metal without the tool snatching, so well and good, otherwise consult an engineer or read about it on the net. Google - "drilling sheet metal".

When performing this function do not use an over-powered drill and be sure to locate internal wiring and components that will be damaged if the drill makes contact with them.

Carefully offer up the spoiler to ensure everything is correct, then de-burr the holes and paint the exposed metal with Red Oxide or Hammerite, rust-proof paint. Colour is immaterial.

Cut eight tight fitting flat rubber gaskets about an inch square from motor cycle inner tube and fit them over the studs. Use copious amounts of Waxoyl around the fixings before fitting the spoiler.

Ideally the nuts have an integral washer which can now be fitted from inside the tailgate. Bring them all equally finger-tight before nipping them up. Do not over-tighten or the studs will pull away from the spoiler.

Brush Waxoyl over the nuts and studs from below to complete the rain-proof seal. Refit tailgate accessories, lights trim, flaps etc. The dried Waxoyl will prevent the nuts vibrating loose over time.

This is the exact process that worked for me and with care it will work for anybody.

Please contact me regarding Errors and Omissions.

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Rover SD1 Vitesse Rear Spoiler - side view position
Rover SD1 Vitesse Rear Spoiler - rear view position

Question: Recently had the tailgate on my Vitesse replaced and I'm now faced with the task of drilling the eight holes to locate the rear spoiler. Now, I've kept that section of the old tailgate so I could try to make a template, but thought I'd see if there is a better/more accurate way.

Take a piece of brown parcel paper larger than the base of the rear spoiler, place over the studs and mark through the rough position of the holes.

Cut out holes twice the size of the studs and mark on the template which side goes to the spoiler to prevent subsequent confusion.

Flatten the template to the base of the spoiler and fix position with drawing pins. Take eight squares of paper with holes only just larger than the studs and place them in position over the studs.

Fix these squares to the template with white PVA glue, make sure they all align and allow to dry. This is easier and more accurate than trying to get the holes in the main template right first time.

Mark the outline of the spoiler on the template, remove, cut to size and transfer it to the tailgate, in correct orientation.

Centralize laterally and adjust its vertical position so the lower edge of the template aligns with the upper edge of the tailgate lip. Eventually, when in position, the spoiler and the lip will form a neat Vee as seen in the images. Mark the holes with a wax pencil and remove the template.

Use a small centre punch to dot the centre of the holes and drill through with a small pilot drill.

There is good argument for drilling these pilot holes with a (Stanley) hand drill to maintain full control of the drill bit.. Use masking tape to prevent the drill from wandering.

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