Rover SD1 Forum Snippet # 18 - Re-upholster Headlining/Sunroof Panel

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How frequently do we hear a comment on the Rover SD1 Club Forum that another member is asking for advice to re-upholster the Headlining/Sunroof panel or is seeking guidance on the much more difficult associated process of refitting the said items?

This is the latest snippet from John Jones - "Just to recap! The headlining board must go in before all A,B,C & D post trims? Is the headlining supported by 3 rear clips, 2 sun visors, rear view mirror and 3 handles? Its been a while since I removed it!"

Very understandable, considering the passing years of JJ's marathon Rover SD1 Vitesse restoration thus far. His areas of doubt have been detailed a couple of times on the Rover SD1 Club Web Pages, one such article written in the mid 1990's by yours truly. I figured it was time to dig it out, knock off the rough edges and present here for the first time. Its introduction reads:

"Ever looked around when sitting in the SD1 and thought - God what an awful mess? Filthy dirty, covered in nicotine stains, bits hanging down, really old and manky! No! Not ones reflection in the mirror?

Replace the Rover SD1 Heater Matrix
Replace the Rover SD1 Heater Matrix

Stop Press

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The headlining! Well something can be done with a couple of weekends to spare and a week or two to lay the car up whilst a local coach trimmer does the business. It’s tricky - but here goes."

Now you can read the revised essay here, it being my detailed personal experiences including many tips and tricks to help en-route to a successful project. Enjoy!

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