Rover SD1 Forum Snippet #17 - Replace the Rover SD1 Heater Matrix

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Seen on several occasions on the Rover SD1 Forum, variations of this heart-felt plea:

"My Heater Matrix is leaking! How can I replace it?"

Lets face it! Over the years we have all replaced some of the components in the Rover SD1 Cooling System. Water pump, hoses, radiator, etc, without too much fuss. But even given the mythology that late S2 matrii can be changed without removing the heater box from the car, the prospect of changing a heater matrix always evokes a significant level of self doubt. And rightly so! Extra trouble comes when the car is an Air Conditioning model, involving even more inherent difficulties and awkward component removal.

But help is at hand from the keyboard of Antipodean enthusiast, Jamie Sandford-Morgan, who, with hardly a hesitation, stepped right in and tackled the job after he found coolant escaping from his Rover SD1 Heater Matrix through the Air Con condensation drain.

Having been in correspondence with Jamie about the problems he encountered, I persuaded him to record his method and findings, which, due to extensive corrosion, includes a novel alternative re-engineering of the Rover SD1 Heater Matrix input/output coolant pipes assembly, which is now generally obsolete.

The article does not cover every nut and bolt action, the workshop manual handles that quite well, but Jamie's description of his work sequence will encourage any Rover SD1 owner that this job does not have to be a journey of fear and trepidation.

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Replace the Rover SD1 Heater Matrix
Replace the Rover SD1 Heater Matrix

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