Rover SD1 Forum Snippet #15 - Mitigating the Effect of Water Leaks

Earth Strap Secret to Rover SD1 Efi Problems

In England, current national headlines are reporting the devastating effect that the country's wettest day ever is having on various parts of Northern England, particularly, Cumbria.

At the same time from Halifax, Grossebaby complains - "My car is very damp inside having spent four weeks in the torrential rain. I need indoor storage and fast."

House, Businesses, Cars, Whatever? This damp business is so depressing but for our Rover SD1's, it can be mitigated.

When you have water ingress then any sunny day, even more so, in winter, fills the car with water vapour, steaming up the windows, ruining the wood, slackening the fabrics and distorting the headlining board. It also corrodes electrical connections, switch and relay contacts, so the long term effect can be even more insideous than the immediate issues of rotten carpets and wet feet..

This action plan will mitigate the worst effects of water ingress and identify links where solutions to every possible cause is highlighted.

# Should one literally have a pool of water swilling about in the boot-space, fix all the problems using the techniques found here: In addition, and in the meantime, take the following action:

# Take out the lower and upper horizontal boot carpets, get them dry, and store them off-car in the house/garage.

# Drill a few 3/16" diameter holes at the lowest points of the boot floor and any water will immediately drain out, without any carpets to mop it up.

# Dont worry about water coming thro' the holes, it wont stay there even if it has uphill tendencies.

# The other main problem area is the front bulkhead/screen which can be examined and fixed by following the plan here:

Stop Press

A Major Review of Rover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition System

Description & Analysis Here:

Components & Testing Here

# However, getting the front footwells dry is a pain, so do the following.

# Take out both front seats, roll back the carpets to gain access to the foam underpads, remove, drain them off, dry them thoroughly and store them off-car.

# In the meatime, brush heated Waxoyl all over the lower floor pan and temporarily lay a dozen whole newspapers, each side, in place of the pads to draw out all the remaining water from the carpets,

# Re-lay the carpets, refit the seats, now things are good to go.

# Stay with the newspaper situation until the bulkhead/screen leaks have been fixed according to the above link..

# Now to the damp Seats and damp Headlining. If one has access to a de-humidifier, use it.

# Put a large quantity of silica gel (some pet-litters contain silica gel) inside the car and take advantage of the already damp headlining board to force it back up with some soft pillows and timber props to make it to reform into its original shape. Its a miracle!

# Check that none of the sunroof drain tubes are exiting inside the cabin space and keep an eye on the newspapers to see if they are still absorbing water from some other location.

# Local staining on the newspaper will pinpoint very accurately, the nearest place of water entry.

# Check out the door seals too, they can be mis-fitted and allow water in by capiliary action and dont forget the door drain holes.

After all of the above, the car might be so waterproofed and dry, who needs indoor storage?

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