Vintage Model AirplaneSnippet #2 - How To Test Wind a Rubber Motor

Mike Myers, Editor of "Flightplug", the Newsletter of the Southern California Ignition Flyers (SCIF's) spotted a 2006 forum discussion between Marcel Lavoie and Myself, regarding the maximum turns per inch one could put into a rubber motor. Mtke extracted the essential elements of the conversation and published the result in "Flightplug". vis

"Ramon "Ray" Alban on How To Test Wind a Rubber Motor An Article published in the November/December 2006 issue

Ray Alban in England is one of the more amusing writers around when it comes to describing his modelling adventures or giving advice to those who ask questions. He's informed, and he's entertaining. He loves his adventures with his fellow "Rubber Bandits". Many of those "Rubber Bandits" are good friends to various SCIFs.

So here's an entertaining piece from Ray answering a fellow who wanted to know if there was a formula detailing the number of turns per inch you could put in a rubber motor Ray disillusioned him gently. I'll let Ray take it in his own words from here."

For the rest of the discussion read or download the article in PDF format, here: (26kb)

Feel free to comment on the techniques described. For more Model Airplane Snippets, go here

Winding a 45", 16 X 1/4" Strand Tan II Vintage Wakefield Motor

Ramon Alban


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