More and more Vintage Free Flight modellers are joining various Forums to participate in discussions about our favourite hobby. Many of these are about building and flying problems faced by beginners who seek expert guidance in their quest for a solution. In addition experienced modellers enjoy the interactive discussions that always uncover alternative points of view to their long held beliefs and opinions. Unsurprisingly, this interaction encompasses worldwide activity.

Over the years I have been active on these forums and it occurred to me that a lot of my personal solutions to different problems are spread around the internet with little hope of being collected, catalogued and indexed for future posterity and use by other Vintage Rubber enthusiasts.

So I trawled (and am still trawling) the various forums with their onboard search facility to dredge up long forgotten words of personal advice along with alternate inputs from other contributors for a meaningful and indexed catalogue of these snippets off Vintage Rubber Free Flight Wisdom.

Of course, wisdom (like beauty) is often in the eye of the beholder and as most of these snippets originate from my own contributions the reader may readily assume that this is an opinionated view of problem, solution or process advocated. If you spot errors or omissions please advise.

Vintage Model Airplane Wisdom - Forum Snippets

PDF downloadVintage Free Flight Forum Build Snippets

Fix Tissue Letters or Labels to a Model

PDF downloadVintage Free Flight Forum Flying Snippets

PDF downloadHow To Test Wind a Rubber Motor

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If you see an Error or Omission please Contact Me so I can review and correct.

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A neat tip for printing the PDF's into an A5 booklet. On most modern printers select 'Properties', select 'Page Setup'. In 'Printing Type' select 'Booklet Printing' and OK out of the Tabs. Select 'All the pages' and click 'Print' to produce your handy booklet (ready to fold and staple) containing the selected PDF for convenient bedtime reading. It saves75% of your paper too.

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