Rover SD1 Forum Snippet #6 - Emergency Tools and Spare Parts

Tools and Supplies

Toolbox with socket set,, AF/Metric Combination Spanners, Pliers, Screwdrivers, etc

Multi-meter and/or test lamp/probe

Wind up torch and portable work light

Insulated wire, assorted connectors, selection nuts/bolts and self tapping screws

Various jubilee clips of required sizes

Various cable ties, duct/insulating tape

Fuses and a set of bulbs

Tow rope and jump leads

Petrol can and water in plastic container

Engine oil and small can of WD40

Car jack and foot pump

Warning triangle and high visibility vest

Rags and socks with toes cut to protect sleeves, old sweatshirt, lightweight rainwear

Small jar/tube hand cleaner, latex gloves

Emergency breakdown cover

Spare Parts - Click Images to Enlarge

Efi ECU, temp sensor, throttle pot

Coil, Ignition amplifier, condenser

Distributor with cap and rotor arm

Good spark plugs, long HT lead, all used

Windscreen wiper arm(s) and blade

Ignition/door key secured inside front indicator

Driver’s side door-lock assembly

Steering rubber coupling

Top and bottom radiator hoses

A good used fan belt (easier to fit)


This space waits further suggestions

A Proper Tool Kit in a Proper Tool Box.

Question: What Emergency Tools and Spares do Rover SD1 Owners need to carry? Everyone has an opinion on this topic. So! Heads Up! Ding Ding! Oyez! Gather round and listen up!

Since my Vitesse broke down in 2007 with a faulty rotor arm (for which I luckily carried a spare), I put together a list of tools and spares that one might carry to cover most fixable eventualities.

My criteria were: Tools must be useful for routine breakdowns rather than of no use because some jobs are impractical on the roadside. A Trolley Jack might be nice but a multimeter is better.

Spares will be inexpensive and in known working order so good, used parts are fine. Fuses, bulbs, fan belt, HT lead, are very useful, whilst pistons, crank pulley, brake-cable are dead weight.

With these criteria in mind, is this a fair starting point for you to add or subtract your fancied items?

Just a Few Appropriate Spares
If Lucky, A Man selling Spares at the Roadside.
Tools for Young Johnny

So! In a dry boot, capitalize on storage space with spare wheel stowed wrong way up so stuff goes inside the rim with other gear, all in sealed/labelled plastic bags, placed either side of the wheel.

Space under front seats is very handy for keeping sensitive items in linen bags or customized box.

Finally, consider this! Because spares must be "known good", it's prudent to have ex-working spares previously removed but not scrapped (plugs, leads, belts, etc) or S/H bits picked up in-expensively "just in case" from auto jumble/auction but checked for good condition before storing.

Whadaya think? Too much? Too little? Or just Fantasy, because Breakdown Services, "Get you home" cover is all we really need? On the other hand wouldn't any self-respecting Classic Rover SD1 enthusiast prefer independance in the first instance?

Then again, if one is prepared to study the available technical material on Fuel Supply, Ignition and Electrical bits and pieces as can be found on this site or similar places, then a minor common breakdown such as a duff Rotor Arm can be readily diagnosed and replaced long before the emergency services appear on the scene.

Please feel free to contact me with more good (or better) ideas!

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