One of the difficult problems for an owner enthusiast who is inexperienced with the Rover SD1 Electrical System is sorting out which wires are important to the problem at hand and identifying the active components when faced with the daunting main circuit diagram.

When the various wires and components have been identified, now working out how a relatively small sub-system actually works. They are rarely electronic, so should be simple, but more often than not involves relays and switches and some clever little widget that always defies explanation.

Just understanding the sub-system would be a lot easier if the main circuit diagram explained what the components were. They rarely do, assuming that the owner is a competent electrician which is also hardly ever true,

So the purpose of this archive is tp explain what these minor electrical circuits are and how they work, either in isolation or in conjuction with other parts of the car.

Rover SD1 Electrical Sub-Systems (Click Any Link)

Rover SD1 Electrical Sub-Systems

Low Coolant Level Indicator
Interior (Courtesy) Lamp Switching Circuit

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