Vintage Model Airplane Tips 'n Tricks - #4 - Boxing Clever

All Voodoo Components
Voodoo Wings Antiwarp Template
Voodoo Wings strapped to template
Voodoo Stabilizer strapped to template
Voodoo Trim Rudder adjuster
Voodoo Fin/Stabilizer location pegs
Voovoo Stabilizer DT angled face
Voodoo Blast Tube from golf shop
Voodoo Flying Surfaces ready to pack

Here are wings and stabiliser strapped to storage templates with suitable rubber bands. Keep atmospheric storage conditions relatively cool and stable to ensure no unwanted flying surface warps can occur. Click images.

Because these components will be adjacent in the storage box its a good wheeze to use some thin foam wrap to prevent in-store abrasion particularly from any metal/bamboo hooks or pegs.

Voodoo Propeller & Plug-in Spinner

Out of interest "Voodoo's" original prop from '85 suffered some wizard prangs in its 22 yr life. Ply splices needed after an electrifying brush with overhead power cables. Isn't Cyano wonderful?

The plug-in spinner is NOT original having joined four splinter groups during the props lifetime. In storage the prop and nose-block assy is kept in a bubble wrap bag to prevent collateral damage. Orange dots help location in the heat of battle. Click images.

Voodoo All Boxed Up

And so to bed! All the parts of Ron Warring's "Voodoo" are neatly packed away for storage or transportation.

Normally there would be 3 or 4 rubber motors in the box along with the model, and not shown here or above is a 14 swg winding rod that lays below the fuselage if, perchance, the regular torque meter happens to get forgotten.

The objects in the lid are small blocks of balsa to prevent the lid closing down too far and crushing the model.

Voodoo Safe from Damage
Voodoo Trim Rudder adjuster

Not part of boxing trickery but worthy of note, the angled face of the DT portion of tail feathers which determines the stabiliser DT angle and provides positive location at the fulcrum using rubber bands to pull the unit forwards and down.

Trim adjustment and preservation for the silk hinged rudder adjusted during the trimming phase by a baby adjuster made from 16g ali tube on a small screw pushing against a ply stop kept in place by a spring on the reverse side

Considering the time and trouble we take building our model airplanes and the risks we carefully avoid when trimming, flying and competing, how is it that a model might go through its entire flying career without serious damage yet get shot to pieces in the back of the car or in storage back home and every time we visit the field there are more unwanted flying surface warps to deal with? Yes, it's a transportation and storage problem we all have to solve. Here is my personal solution. Click images.

Firstly, warp protection and preservation! Having carefully built or induced warps into flying surfaces they must be preserved exactly as needed for the next time the model goes out on full chat. This is the storage template for Ron Warring's "Voodoo" wings. Made from blocks of 1/4" sheet. Note the subtle addition of warp keeping strip of balsa to the trailing edge position of the right hand wing. Click images.

Seen here-abouts, a blast tube from the golf shop (£0.50), bayonetted to fit over rear peg customised for each model and staying with it for life.

When both wings are strapped by rubber bands to the template, the warp is permanently preserved along with the warp free status of the L/H wing.

Click any image to enlarge

Here the "Voodoo" stabilizer complete with subfins is strapped to its template, this time, made from 3/16" balsa

To aid packaging and transportation and eliminate mislocation, the detachable fin positively locates in the stabilizer with shaped pegs. The rear pair have notches for a small retaining rubber band after assembly to the stabilizer.

Oh yes! The boxes? I used to work for Texas Instruments who were the parent company of Geophysical Services Inc, the first "Bang and Listen Boys" of oil exploration. These boxes, in various lengths, held undeveloped film used to record the images of oil and gas bearing strata. Once the film was exposed the boxes were junked, by the thousand. Prior to my retirement, many boxes were liberated before they were condemned and still house model airplanes all over our locality including my complete squadron and quite a few empties in the loft. More Tip n' Tricks?

Voodoo ROG


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