Having recently renewed an original Rover SD1 Deep Chin Front Spoiler as seen in these images, it is opportune to reflect that fitting one (incl bumper and belly tray) is a triumph of contortion over accessibility. The following sequence involves much less swearing and reduced likely-hood of damage to the spoiler. Use copper grease or thin Waxoyl on all fixings to aid future removal

Raise the front of the car and remove the upper grill and chrome finisher. It becomes obvious why, later. If not already done, remove the irons from the bumper and fit them to the car, first removing the belly tray for internal access to the fixing bolts and compression tubes, if fitted. Note the horn brackets are also on these bolts. (Clean/Protect all hidden electrical connectors now!)

Rover SD1 Tips 'n Tricks - #5 - Fitting a Deep Chin Front Spoiler

Rover SD1 Deep Chin Front Spoiler
Rover SD1 Deep Chin Front Spoiler
Rover SD1 Deep Chin Front Spoiler
Rover SD1 Deep Chin Front Spoiler
Rover SD1 Deep Chin Front Spoiler
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Check horizontal and lateral alignment then, from below, fiddle the nuts onto the bumper studs to make them finger tight. Use a thin combination spanner from above and below to progressively tighten them. Do not over-tighten.

Access is easy with the finisher/grill removed. Replace the finisher and the job is done!

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Make sure the embedded bumper studs are fully secured in their moulded pillars. A good clean-up, inspection, glass fibre repair and strengthening may be needed here. Ensure fixing nuts run freely on the studs. Offer the bumper to its irons to ensure they are correctly positioned to accept the studs without interferance. Remove the bumper. Check/secure headlamp washer fittings.

Loosely refit the belly tray or, if already fitted, loosen all its fixing screws and nuts. Check the retained metal nuts in the belly tray are all clean and secure. If missing, provide for alternative fixings with nuts, bolts and penny washers. Get help, or support one side of the spoiler from below and offer it up to the car. Check that it mates with the belly tray and aligns with all its potential fixing holes and various retained plastic nuts around the front panel and the lower front edge of the wheel arches. The front of the belly tray grill slots into the flapped recess under the spoiler.

Progressively tighten belly tray and spoiler fixings to ensure the spoiler is not strained. Badly rebuilt front arches will cause splits where it wraps around the arch. Connect headlamp washer system to the bumper tube and only when the spoiler and belly pan are fully secured, offer up the bumper, slot it into the side retainers lubed with vaseline and push it fully home on its irons.

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