Finding an obscure leak is not easy but this methodical approach works fine. Remove all carpets and other stuff and with rear seat squab laid flat put a small person in the boot armed with a torch.

With gently running hose starting low down, work upwards to each point mentioned below. Play the hose on each area for several minutes while the assistant uses the torch to see if water gets in. Don't go higher until all the lowest points are tested. Slowly work upwards until the assistant yells "WATER" and stop right there. Mop up the puddle and test again from below that point until the water just appears again. The choice now is either fix or continue because seeing the next higher leak is tough if water is already getting in lower down. Either way, continue in the same vein until all the mentioned places are covered. Do not use the hose under pressure.

From the bottom up, these are places where water gets in the boot.

Corroded boot floor - common when water problems have been allowed to persist

Rusted wheel arches - common in well-used cars

Towbar fixings - common where towbar is subsequently removed

Rear bumper fixing bolts - common

Badge bar - rare but common if removed and refitted

Rear panel seam below and towards the outside of the rear lights above badge bar - common

Rear light gaskets - very common

Spoiler fixing holes on Vitesse - rare unless spoiler removed/refitted, water exits on boot trim

Rear wiper seal - common but only small amounts into upper boot area

Rear quarter light window seals - rare

Rear hatch seal - rare, but more common if damaged or hatch door is not tight

Rear window to hatch seal - common particularly if rear window is removed and refitted

Broken rear sun roof tubes - rare

Same tubes disconnected from exit hole - common if bodywork repairs carried out

Badly fitting/broken rear washer nozzle clip - ? slight effect in boot, causes tailgate corrosion

Click here to reveal solutions to all the above issues.

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Rover SD1 Tips 'n Tricks - #3 - Curing Water Leaks into the Boot

Water problems?

A frequent question from SD1 owners is about detecting and curing water leaks into the boot. Of all the cars I owned only the SD1 consistently leaked water into the boot area via so many different entry points. Problems started quite early in the SD1's life because Rover issued a technical bulletin to dealers defining corrections when customer's complained. That bulletin was later revised. Quality engineering - not!

Now, 20 or 30 years later, the problems are worse because of the age of the cars and their early propensity to leak like a seive. Experienced SD1 owners mostly know what to do about the problem but no matter how clever we become, the problems do seem very persistant. What follows is my cocktail and distillation of the Rover Technical Bulletin, wisdom learned for other owners and first hand experience.

Stop Press

A Major Review of Rover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition System

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