The Early History of Sam35Speaks from Sam35 Year Books 4 and 5

Some time before Sam35 was fully constituted in England (see here for the story) magazines and broadsheets were being printed and distributed by David Baker under two titles, "SamSpeaks" and "Hanger One". Also available in the UK was the official organ of the parent body in the US similarly named "SamSpeaks". When Sam35 reorganised itself under a committee in '80, the first "Sam35Speaks" appeared under the editorship of Ben Buckle. There were six magazines in that first year after which editorial control reverted to David Baker who then produced them monthly.

Then at the end of '81, a year or so after Sam35 was formed the first Year Book appeared. With metronomic regularity, subsequent Year Books have appeared approximately every second year, thus 26 years later in '06, the fourteenth Year Book has been published.

Given the typical time interval between books, it transpired that Year Book 4 was being published at the end of '86 with Year Book 5 following in '88. During those early years we attracted a large number of new Sam members who had never seen the formative editions of our magazine, so to compensate for that, I resolved to write a review of the first few years of their publication.

Two articles subsequently appeared in successive Year Books 4 and 5. Now, twenty years later, I have copied those original pages and republished them here on my autobiographical website for all latterday Samlanders to read.

Along with a few other people I am most fortunate to have a complete library of every Sam35 (and Sam1066) magazine ever printed and perhaps one day they may all appear on the internet for everyone to read. It would indeed be a mammoth task of digital scanning and documentation. Too much, I fear, even for this crazy scribe, but who knows, someone might make it happen?

In the meantime my original precis's (precii?) of the early magazines from Apr '79 until Dec '83 can be viewed on the following eighteen sequential web pages. Because they are digital scans from my own Year Books the quality is not perfect, but they are quite readable.

Start here and just click thro' until the end.

For anyone wanting to download and print for more relaxed browsing, I have prepared two PDF's as indicated below. It may be necessary to adjust zoom to 75% on Adobe Reader to get the best pixel definition, similarly adjust printer preferences to get a reasonable quality hard copy.

1979 thro' 1982 - 8 pages from Year Book 4 here (396kb)

1983 - 10 pages from Year Book 5 here (585kb)

Unsure what to do? Click here to read the Early History of Sam35Speaks or click Year Book 4 and Year Book 5 to see the same stuff on PDF

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